Making The Impossible Happen

Alex Brown. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Traveler.
It is pretty surreal to look at my entrepreneurial journey and know that I am really just getting started. From building companies that ended in dismal failure, all the way to one that broke $10M in revenue in our first year, I sure have learned a LOT along the way.

The cool part is that I’m really nothing special at all. From a young age my parents instilled a bullet proof work ethic in me and some decent social skills. My dad taught me how to be an entrepreneur and hustle, and my mom showed me how to network with anyone on the planet. Because of them I’ve built multiple companies, and hung out with celebrities and some of my heroes in business and life.


I was willing to work my ass off when others weren’t, and was never afraid to get my hands dirty. After quickly finding out my university degree wasn’t going to help me build an epic life I started getting into the startup space, working and volunteering to build up whatever I could for experience. Eventually I moved to California and started building companies with my partner Chris Stoikos and our epic crew.


I am super grateful to have learned so much while building Dollar Beard Club to such a globally renowned phenomenon, and advising so many others on their own journeys. I take every opportunity to pay forward what I learned to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs do it better and quicker than I did

My father passed away on October 13th, 2017 at the age of 66. He never got to retire, and I never got to give him all of the wealth I was trying so hard to create for him (this was my “why” for working so hard). I felt like a complete failure.  At his funeral he had hundreds and hundreds of his family, friends, my friends, and most interestingly hundreds of his customers that were torn apart by his loss.  In seeing these people grieving with whom he was simply supposed to have a “business relationship” with, I realized that for him success in business or life has nothing to do with wealth, and everything to do with providing value and being present with those around you.

I have vowed to him that in this way I will follow in his footsteps. I have found incredible joy in helping others and sharing my big victories, but especially my colossal failures with people on stages, in articles and interviews, and in consulting sessions across the world. For this reason, I am building out some systems, blueprints and guides to help anyone that wants to leverage all of my experience and build and experience cool shit for themselves.